About Us

Preparing Organizations to Respond to Change Better and Faster in Today's Disruptive Business Environment

The Change Leadership envisions a future where a new type of leadership mindset thrives. One in which leaders and organizations bridge emergent innovative, disruptive and ideas through ethical leadership with the sustainability of employees, customers and the communities in mind; and are benevolently (ROI) rewarded for doing so.

The purpose of our Change Leadership conferences and events is to foster a culture of change leaders that respond better and faster to the uncertainties stemming from disruption, innovation and technology permeating all industry sectors in a rapidly changing world.

Change is dynamic and unending; it is foundational for success, growth and market leadership. Without change, we remain stagnant, experience financial losses, and lose our relevance in the marketplace!

Our mission is to accelerate the preparation of leaders, change agents, and organizations to respond dynamically to the rapid pace of Change and Innovation taking place around us.

Our vision is to build a community of change catalysts and leaders that are equipped with leadership skills pertinent to leading and responding to change better and faster in today's disruptive business environment.