Catherine Daw

Coaching Practice Lead, TidalShift Inc.

Catherine Daw is a Coaching Practice Lead and co-founder of TidalShift and provides the day-to-day operational leadership of the company.

She is a frequently sought out as contributor for her views and to deliver presentations in Canada and internationally, and blogs on topics of interest and concern to the business community, is a regular columnist for a number of publications and contributing author to two books – ‘Project Management for Business Professionals’ and ’The Keys to Our Success’.

April 11, 2018

Is Change Agility an Oxymoron?

There is a growing trend to figure out how to make agile work effectively within the framework of change management. In other words, change agility. Change agility at a personal level refers to an individual’s ability to anticipate and adapt to change. How does change agility work within an organization context? Change agility – Isn’t it an oxymoron?  Typically, organizations […]