March 23, 2018

“Change or Die” is Not a Mere Aphorism But a Corporate Reality

(Contributed by Participant from the Change Leadership 2017 Event) I dare say there’s probably no time in history where it has become easier to learn and grow than it is today. One of my mentors usually says “who you learn from is just as important as what you learn”. So, on the flip side of the proliferation of growth materials […]
March 21, 2018

Retraining in Face of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

After the Terminator movie, an increasing number of movies have been made envisioning a reality where Robots are the norm. In 2017, Saudi Arabia granted citizenship to a robot named Sophia, leading to arguments from opposing schools of thought on the ethics, adoption, and future of Robots and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Regardless, Robots and AI are already present-day; robots are […]