Can AI Keep You From Getting a Job? Apparently, Yes.

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March 3, 2019
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March 18, 2019
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Can AI Keep You From Getting a Job? Apparently, Yes.

What’s Changing the Future of Work.

Changing things in the workplace are ‘Emotional Analysis’ systems and products that are designed to analyze a person’s face in order to determine how they feel. 

Can some of these latest technological inventions keep you from getting a job? Apparently, Yes. Depending on how it is used, and inherent (sometimes unconscious) biases built into them. 

There was a time many people would have thought ‘video interviewing’ would never catch on, but it is now common place. With AI comes ’emotion detection’ systems and tools that are now being used to screen job candidates. Companies such as Unilever, IBM, Hilton, and more are already using AI tools for their hiring process.

Not only are these AI driven ’emotion detection’ systems being used in the workplace, they are beginning used at companies such as Disney to determine how audiences feel during movie screenings. Companies like Microsoft and Amazon, and other tech companies have begun offering these ’emotional analysis’ products to the market. 

The introduction of these technologies also raise concerns on hiring biases and diversity issues. These are valid concerns as demonstrated by this study amongst others, and should be top of mind for organizations as we introduce these technologies into the workplace. 

These are some of the topics that will be discussed at the Change Leadership Conference on May 8th. Meet one of our speakers, Maaz Rana, co-founder of Knockri, where they have built an artificial intelligence assessment tool that analyzes people’s verbal and non-verbal communication skills through video.

AI is changing the hiring process!

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