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Latest Blog Posts

December 15, 2022

Heard of ChatGPT? And How it Could Disrupt Your Job.

It’s the latest AI disruption on the internet streets! It’s a "new chatbot that could perhaps change the world", developed by Open AI “one of the world’s most ambitious AI labs”.   ChatGPT specializes in dialogue that is able to engage in natural and human-like conversations.
September 15, 2022

Leading and Managing Change Remotely

As the pace of change increases, organizations are becoming more aware of the need to be agile, responsive, and to prevent failed initiatives. And are therefore willing to invest the time and resources in the delivery of their change initiatives...
September 1, 2022

Labour Laws & Changes Shaping the Workplace

As the new world of work evolves, the workplace is not only changing because of technology and socio-economic factors, labour laws are also evolving to shape the work environment in which these changes are taking place.

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