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Is Your Workplace Culture Toxic?

When it comes to effectively leading and driving change within your team or organization, one of the biggest influences will be culture.

If the culture is not conducive or aligned to the desired change or outcome, be rest assured that you will struggle to implement your projects or the desired change, and if implemented, you will either struggle to sustain or see the full benefits of the change.

As well, regardless of whether you are implementing changes or not, if the culture of your team or organization is toxic, it will always affect output and performance on a day to day basis.

I came across the below checklist on if your workplace is toxic by Gary Chapman et al in their book Rising Above a Toxic Workplace: Taking Care of Yourself in an Unhealthy Environment

A Quick Ten-Point Checklist

  1. Hidden agendas characterize communication and decision-making; issues are not addressed openly.
  2. Departments seldom work together to reach shared goals.
  3. Leaders have the pattern of saying one thing and doing another. 
  4. Everyone feels pressured to make things look good.
  5. The managers view people as there solely to get tasks done, with little interest in getting to know them personally. 
  6. Supervisors and managers manipulate team members through embarrassment or anger. 
  7. Apathy, criticism, and lack of hope mark the overall work environment. 
  8. Rules and procedures are largely ignored. 
  9. Employees sense little accountability for their actions or decisions.
  10. People are “used” for the organization’s benefit and discarded when no longer considered useful.


Do any of the above sound familiar?

As someone responsible for leading change on your team or project, or in your organization, it is your responsibility to help create an environment and workplace that is conducive for implementing and embracing change.

It is also your responsibility to keep growing and equipping yourself to lead and drive change!