Rising Up and Leading Change in the Face of Anti-Black Racism

Rising Up and Leading Change in the Face of Anti-Black Racism

So far 2020 has been quite the year, talk about change in epic proportions. We have been rocked by a global pandemic and global anti-black protests stemming from the killing of George Floyd, coupled with ongoing political unrests, socio-economic issues and technological advancements. This year will surely be embedded in the history books.

The world as a whole is experiencing a monumental shift. All of these changes and more issues leave me wondering what else could possibly take us by surprise in 2020.

These changes have been pivotal in creating an awakening in us all, as well as organizations, causing us to pause and pay attention to what truly matters and reevaluate on ‘what’s next’? It has drawn many disparate groups together, and yet caused divisions as well. These current times are challenging us to either take a stand together as change makers or stand on the fringes and watch change happen to us.

What are you doing to navigate the new normal? What are you doing to support a colleague or friend during these times?

In the words of this timeless rendition, WE ARE THE WORLD… We Are The Ones Who Make A Brighter Day!

Below is an ongoing list with a variety of resources to help you lead and navigate change.

Resources on Anti-Black Racism
    1. To fix Systemic issue, first you must start the conversation How Workplaces Can Invite Dialogue on Race
    2. 10 Ways you can take action now #BLM and Beyond: Diversity and Inclusion Strategies for Employers
    3. How failing to act can hurt the growth of your business How to eliminate discrimination from your workplace
    4. How you can start Taking Steps to Eliminate Racism in the Workplace
    5. We sometimes don’t reach out because we are not sure how, here is a few ways on How Organizations Can Support the Mental Health of Black Employees
    6. A great starting point is to Unlearn and the Relearn,  These 7 courses will teach you how to be anti-racist
    7. Here is a great reading list on Confronting Racism at Work and CPA Black Lives Matter Reading List 
    8. Thinking of ways you can be a change maker, here are great tips for you and also What Companies Can Do to Combat Systemic Racism Against Black Colleagues in the Workplace
    9. Looking for some perspective on the anti-black racism movement, and why the protests have picked up such momentum, listen to the Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man (Video)
    10. Linkedin is offering a variety of free courses on diversity and inclusion, have a look at Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging for All
    11. Fingerprint For Success gathered various Racism in the Workplace Statistics which include data from Glassdoor, SHRM, and from different businesses and organizations. They’ve created simple steps you can take to fight racism in the workplace – What So Many Get Wrong With Racism In The Workplace

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