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For a limited time, The Change Leadership is offering conference participants a 40% discount off the Change Leadership Accelerator Program.

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As one of the leading providers of Change Management advisory and training services, OliveBlue is pleased to offer these free resources. They include quick resource guides on ‘Managing Resistance to Change’ and ‘Leading Without Position or Title’.

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Change on the Run eBook - Phil Buckley, The Change Leadership Conference 2021 Speaker, Virtual Swag, David Munro
Great offers and freebies from one of our speakers, Phil Buckley, Change Management professional and author of Change on the Run.

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The Change Leadership Free Masterclass, David Munro
Free live masterclass on responding to change better and faster in today’s disruptive business environment! Position and prepare yourself for the future of work.

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Side Hustle Help

The new world of work is here – free resources to help you get your side hustle on.

Free Resources

Grow Your Mind

Learn, Unlearn and Relearn – time to upskill! Free online education resources to grow your mind and your skills.

Free Resources

Open For Change

Looking for something to help dispel fear of change? Check out these ideas to unlock some fun and creativity on your next project.

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Kick back, relax and listen. Check out a list of the top Change management podcasts for 2021.

Free Resources

A Diversity of Sights

See the world through someone else’s eyes and open yourself to a new perspective with Window Swap.

Free Resource

People Insights

Want to improve your people skills and develop your engagement toolkit? Check out The Science of People online resources and tools.

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Being productive sometimes means taking a break. Relax with a free magazine subscription.

Free Magazine

Zoom Backgrounds

Feeling creative? Make your own virtual Zoom backgrounds.

Free Zoom Templates


Curious what your online social media says about you? Cambridge University will analyze your online psychological profile.

Free Analysis

Who Are

Develop a deeper understanding of yourself and others with the 16 personalities questionnaire based on the Myers Briggs model.

Free Test

A Diversity of Sounds

Open your ears to open your mind - music is a universal language and provides greater insight – hear what others are listening to around the world live with Radiogarden (we promise – you’ll love this!)

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Everyone loves a quiz! Learn more about your change leadership styles and savvy and become more aware of your own personal change biases

Change Leadership Quiz
What's Your Change Leadership Style