When will this Day be celebrated?

May 25th each year. As well as the week of May 25th each year.


What is Global Change Leadership Day?

A day to acknowledge and recognize change leaders, the individuals who are leading and managing change in their organizations and communities. The leaders of organizations and governments who bridge emergent technology and innovation with the sustainability of employees, customers, the communities in which they do business, in the face of change, and are benevolently rewarded for doing so.

Why is this day being created?

Creating this day helps to raise awareness of the importance of change leadership skills for every professional regardless of their role or title.

With the fast pace of change, and continuous technological advances and disruption, having change leadership skills has become critical to help reduce the potentially devastating social and economic fall-out of failed organizational and transformational change. When change is done right, it has the ability for all to succeed, communities as well. A rising tide lifts all boats.


How should this day be observed?

By raising awareness and recognition of Change Leaders, Change Makers and Change Agents are who leading and driving change in their organizations and communities.

Who created this day?  This day was created by The Change Leadership in 2022.

Join a Growing Community of Change Leaders

The community consists of professionals responsible for leading and managing change in their organizations and communities. Our mission is to equip and empower professionals and organizations with tools, knowledge, and strategies on how to successfully increase adoption, as well as overcome the barriers to change and financial fallouts of failed organizational projects, consequently leading to the good of their career, organization and the community at large.

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