Rola Dagher

Global Channel Chief, Dell Technologies

Dagher began her career in technology 25 years ago and her focus on customers, people and leadership continues to define the leader she is today – a servant leader. She believes that to serve your customers you need to serve your people, the common denominator for success.

Dagher's philosophy is Learn it, Earn it, Return it. The culture of putting people first and the engrained values of giving back. And, at the heart of all this is technology – the foundation for all that we do, the catalyst for economic development and the driver of human progress.

Jahanzaib Ansari

Co-Founder & CEO, Knockri

Knockri is an AI-powered behavioral assessment tool that diminishes systemic bias at scale and ensures the hiring of a more diverse workforce.

Jahanzaib served as a key advisory member to the World Economic Forum's Global Council on Equality & Inclusion. And has contributed his expertise on ethically built AI for selection and assessment to several reports: including "Diversity, Equity and Inclusion 4.0 Toolkit" and "Global Social Mobility Index 2020: why economies benefit from fixing inequality".

Harriet Ekperigin

Vice President | Mental Health, Green Shield Holdings

Harriet has held several transformative roles in the private and public sector, including with KPMG, the Ministry of Transportation, eHealth Ontario and Haldimand County.

Prior to her current role, Harriet was the Senior Lead for Virtual Mental Health at the Ontario Telemedicine Network and Ontario Health. She oversaw the dramatic growth of Ontario’s virtual mental health program – from a pilot project to Canada’s first province-wide, fully-funded internet-based cognitive behaviour therapy program. Of note, this program has supported over 50,000 Ontarians during the COVID pandemic.

Dr. Akolisa Ufodike

Assistant Professor, York University & Finance Executive

Dr. Ufodike is an Assistant Professor at York University. He has published on a variety of subjects ranging from the state of First Nations healthcare to Public Private Partnerships in Alberta. His research interests include equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI), accountability and public sector finance.

Prior to academia, he spent 25 years as a finance executive with professional experience spanning telecoms, banking, oil and gas, utilities, and consumer packaged goods with organizations including Bell Canada and Molson Coors. He was co-founder and CFO for Jaguar Wireless, a participant in the 2007 Canadian wireless spectrum auction and was CFO and COO of Corridor Communications Inc (CCI Wireless) one of Canada’s largest wireless ISPs.

Gilbert Kruidenier

Advisor & Coach, Kruidenier Consulting

Gilbert has the typical qualifications you’d expect from someone who has been doing Change work for nearly 20 years. He’s worked for many types of businesses and delivered all kinds of Change. He wrote a book about Bad Change, and created the Chameleon Cards for future Change roles. He teaches international students about Change Tools for Deakin University and the Deakin Business School MBA.

When he’s not doing Change stuff, he volunteers with the Victorian State Emergency Services fixing roofs and chainsawing trees, cleans beaches with Beach Patrol, fosters ex-racing greyhounds, and supports causes that work to end homelessness.

Karen Restoule

CEO, Shared Value Solutions

Karen is Chief Executive Officer at Shared Value Solutions (SVS), an environmental and community development consulting firm supporting Indigenous communities. Prior to joining SVS, Karen led the modernization of Ontario’s administrative justice system as the Alternate Executive Chair at Tribunals Ontario. She has also previously served as Director of Justice at Chiefs of Ontario where she worked with First Nations leadership to advance policy solutions to justice issues.

She is also the recipient of CivicAction’s 2018 Emerging Leader Award and was named Public Policy Forum’s 2018 Prime Ministers of Canada Fellow. She serves on governance boards for the Banff Forum and Canadian Club Toronto, and on advisory boards for Connected North and the Federal Judicial Advisory Committee for Ontario East & North.

Peter Phan

Managing Director, Flimp Studios

Armed only with a pen, paper, and a proven knack for capturing complex ideas, Peter creates videos and visuals that are attractive, easy to understand, and most importantly, visible!

He's also the proud author of 'Bad Change' and the 'Chameleon Cards', which produced over 200 Change-related videos and visuals, volunteered for several Change communities, and teaches change professionals how to draw cartoons to communicate their vision.

Kate Degon

Founder & CEO, ChangeSync

Kate DeGon is the CEO and Founder of ChangeSync, a cloud-based Change Management software designed as a single source of truth to organize and optimize all change-related projects, activities, and users in one easy-to-use platform. Kate is passionate about helping organizations take their change management efforts to the next level, which is why she founded ChangeSync. She’s a firm believer that the landscape of change management is ever evolving.

Kate has over 15 years of change management experience, is PROSCI® certified, and prior to ChangeSync, provided change management leadership and consulting services to organizations ranging from late-stage start-ups to Fortune 500 companies.

Krista Schaber-Chan

Managing Partner, Harbinger SCR Inc.

Krista is a co-founder and managing partner at Harbinger and offers over two decades of experience in organizational change management, training and adult learning, business and leadership coaching, and project management leadership. She creates and delivers programs that challenge organizations to pay attention to what matters most at work and in life - people.

Krista is focused on supporting her clients to meet the growing demands for new capabilities in the future of work through change leadership. This includes tailored change management strategies, learning and unlearning practices, and helping organizations disrupt how they do things by getting to the heart of their people-related challenges.

Saeed Tamboli

AI Developer & Innovator, The Knowledge Society

Saeed is a 15-year-old Innovator at The Knowledge Society (TKS) passionate about emerging technologies such as AI and BCIs. In the past, he has proposed a solution to the United Nations to raise awareness about air pollution and worked on a project for detecting hate speech in 7 different languages using AI. In the future, he hopes to continue leveraging the power of these emerging technologies to help others in need.

Alisha Arora

AI for Mental Health, The Knowledge Society

Alisha Arora is an ambitious 15 year old on a mission to leverage technology for good, Alisha serves as a UNICEF youth ambassador for technology and mental health. She is currently the youngest researcher at MIT’s AI lab to diagnose mental illness and is working towards detecting suicidal ideation in social media content to prevent suicide with the support of Microsoft. As an ardent philanthropist she founded her own non-profit organization, The HopeSisters. Their passion for supporting children in foster care has led them to gain recognition on national television and from government officials.

Naila Moloo

Environmental Researcher, The Knowledge Society

Naila Moloo is a 16-year-old passionate about making impact in the sustainability sector. She is currently developing transparent and flexible solar cells leveraging nanomaterials where she is researching silver nanowires and perovskites. Naila is also working with Pond Biomaterials on building a 3D printable bioplastic from duckweed where she has been experimenting in the Carleton University lab in Ottawa. Her latest area of exploration is machine learning where she built an algorithm to predict the output of photovoltaic systems. Outside of STEM, Naila is the author of Chronicles of Illusions: The Blue Wild" which was published when she was 14. Naila was recently named the youngest recipient of Canada’s Top 100 Most Powerful Women, was a recipient of Canada’s Top 25 Under 25 Environmentalists, and was named DMZ’s 2022 Woman of the Year.

Dale Watson

Founder & Managing Partner, Four|Four Business Transformation Studio

Dale’s expertise lies in the field of strategic planning and organizational change, helping clients to achieve their business goals through getting the most out of their people. He has extensive experience in delivering communications strategy, organizational culture change, change management and employee engagement programs for some of the largest organizations in the world in both the public and private sector.

Dale has held leadership positions at a number of global consulting firms, including acting as the Canadian Human Capital and Organization Effectiveness Lead for Accenture and the Principal Consultant for Right Management’s Canadian talent management practice. While at Accenture, Dale was on the global strategic planning community or practice acting as a subject matter expert to help client define their organization’s journey and design compelling implementation roadmaps.

Yvonne Ruke Akpoveta

Change Strategist & Advisor, The Change Leadership

Yvonne is a Change Management Strategist, Advisor, and Change Leadership Advocate, with over 20 years of experience helping executives, professionals, and organizations to navigate through change in today’s fast-paced and disruptive environment. She is the founder of The Change Leadership, a series of events and community focused on preparing professionals and organization to respond better and faster to change in their industry.

She is passionate about helping professional and organizations lead and respond to change better & faster. She has worked with organizations such as RBC, TD, Deloitte, Loblaws, and JP Morgan Chase to lead and manage their Strategic, Technology and Change Initiatives.

She holds a BSc honours in Business Information Technology from London Guildhall University, an MBA from Warwick Business School, and a Change Leadership Certificate from Cornell University. She works closely with professionals to help them more effectively lead and manage change in their organizations, to become sought after change leaders in their organizations and industry. She is a published author and change catalyst.

Frances Edmonds

Head of Sustainable Impact, HP Canada

Frances Edmonds is the Head of Sustainable Impact at HP Canada, where she is responsible for business development and oversees Corporate Social Responsibility programs nationally. With a focus on sustainable procurement, Frances is driving meaningful change cross-sector that supports a more circular and sustainable economic future for Canada. With more than 30 years of experience, Frances is recognized as one of Canada’s top sustainability professionals having received two Clean 50 awards and has led HP to became the most sustainable technology company in Canada.

Passionate about driving change through education, Frances has developed and implemented volunteer programs globally for HP. She sits on the board of Learning for a Sustainable Future and serves as a consultant for academic institutions on sustainability strategies. She also sits on the Sustainable Development Advisory Council for the Minister of Environment and Climate Change Canada as well as the Expert Panel on the Circular Economy in Canada as assembled by the Council of Canadian Academies.

Denise Gigova

Strategic Advisor and Transformation Delivery Lead, KPMG Canada

Denise helps major organizations in Canada and the world make big moves in response to the ever changing industry dynamics through enterprise-wide strategic transformation programs. She holds a leadership role in KPMG Canada’s Transformation Advisory, where he brings insights from a wide repertoire of industries and more than 15 years global consulting and industry experience.

Denise sits on KPMG’s global transformation centers of excellence and shapes the future of change management and transformation delivery by evolving KPMG’s methods and contributing with strategic thinking, thought leadership and points of view.

Tucker Bryant

Poet & Performance Consultant, Tucker Bryant Ventures

Tucker is an award-winning poet and Stanford graduate who left a role in Product Marketing at Google to help businesses grow through his work. Tucker challenges organizations to tap into poetic concepts as a means of bringing about transformations in leadership and innovation.

His stories, which have garnered millions of views online, have featured at TEDx, The Prince's Trust (UK), The National Association of Business Owners and Entrepreneurs, and dozens of other organizations across the globe.

He has had the privilege of sharing on stages graced by Mark Cuban, Bill Belichick, Larry Hogan, and NASA Director Michelle Thaller as well as founders and executives from scores of Fortune 500 companies.

Noah Aiken-Klar

Director, Academic and Strategic Relationships, Early Tech Talent, Royal Bank of Canada

Noah works with schools and community partners to engage students from diverse backgrounds and help them launch careers in Tech and at RBC. Prior to this, he helped create and lead RBC Future Launch, RBC’s groundbreaking 10-yr $500MM commitment to empower young people to gain skills, grow their networks, get practical work experience and enhance their mental well-being.

Noah is also a bilingual lawyer, the former ED of a national youth leadership organization, an active community volunteer, and an award-winning singer, performer and writer. He lives in downtown Toronto with his wife, two kids and Golden Doodle, Skippy.