Navigating Your Career in the NEW NORMAL


Join us on July 23rd for a Discussion on Navigating and Dealing with Change in Your Career in Today’s Uncertain and Disruptive Business Environment!


With organizations filing for bankruptcy, job losses, the future of work, and uncertainty surrounding the new normal, it is unclear what the future holds.

Hear from Knowledge Experts and Industry Leaders as they share insights and strategies on leading and navigating through these unprecedented and uncertain times.


Why You Should Attend

  • What is the new normal and navigating the challenges of the market shift
  • How to reposition yourself or deal with losing a job
  • Building resiliency in times of crisis and uncertainty
  • Working from home for the first time and adapting to the demands of the new normal

…and much more


Yvonne Ruke Akpoveta

Change Strategist, and Founder, The Change Leadership

Yvonne is passionate about working with professionals and organizations to help them determine the what, how and when of leading and managing change. Helping them to navigate how to adapt to the ever-changing tide of uncertainty, technological disruptions and fast-paced change.

Yvonne has acquired over 20 years global working experience across various industries that has equipped her with the practical tools and knowledge to help her clients meet their professional and organizational goals.

Jennifer Collins

CEO & Executive Coach, Hazell & Collins Associates

COVID-19 has disrupted business and we are seeing organizations respond with unprecedented levels of adaptability and agility. Ready or not, digital transformation has been thrust upon us. The new employee experience provides us with insight into the new skills and competencies that will be in demand.

Jennifer Collins, CEO of Hazell and Collins Associates and a certified executive coach, is passionate about helping leaders navigate toward this new normal by leveraging strengths to create change.

Mohammed Chahdi

Head of Americas HR Operations Services, Dell Technologies

As global HR leader in a Fortune 50 Tech company with over 20 years’ experience developing and leading people strategies, Mohammed will speak to the critical role people as the competitive advantage every business needs to dominate in their industry.

Mohammed also is also leading the company’s global remote work program and will speak to how companies approach attracting, developing and retaining talent in a globally distributed and increasing virtual world.

Maria Arvanites

Executive, Recruitment Solution Sales

Maria has faced the challenges of re-entering the workforce herself after layoff, self-employment, extended PTO, during recessions and in times of boom. She has a unique perspective on presenting talent value proposition having worked with companies and candidates alike, both looking for perfect fits.

She works with COOs, VPs of HR and local operations people - each with a unique perspective on the talent challenges their organization faces.

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Date: Thursday July 23, 2020
Time: 12:00 PM EST
Audience: Professionals, Leaders, Change Leaders and Managers, Human Resource Professionals, Team Leaders, Project Management Professionals
Location: Online Series

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A crisis can open doors, and it’s possible to strategically navigate your career and find new opportunities. Hear from panelists who have lost their jobs during times of disruption, and how they landed back on their feet, and who are also helping organizations navigate through this period.

The present business environment, plus technology, competition, social trends and challenges, and politics have created rapidly changing and unpredictable circumstances. Today’s business environment is constantly changing.

It is imperative we position ourselves to lead and respond to these changes as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Join the Change Leadership Conversations for practical strategies, discussions and insights on Leading and Responding to Change.





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About the Change Leadership Conversations

The Change Leadership Conversations offers a virtual platform and community to share and learn best change leadership practices in today’s rapidly evolving and highly disruptive business environment.

We want participants to leave each session inspired and empowered to tackle even their most pressing change challenges, both for their good and that of their organizations, and the community at large.

At the Change Leadership the mission behind every event, whether live or virtual, is to reduce the potentially devastating social and economic fall-out of uncertainty, and failed corporate and organizational change by equipping and preparing stronger and more effective change leaders.