Relearning in a Hybrid Workplace

Here’s your One Minute Change Leadership Insight on what’s new, what’s changing.

Are you now faced with having to engage and work with stakeholders in a hybrid workplace? Or perhaps responsible for leading the change to shape a hybrid workplace?

We’re sharing tips from Krista Schaber-Chan, Harbinger SRC, on relearning as change leaders or supporting others to adapt to change in a hybrid workplace.


In the New World of Work, going hybrid has become essential to retain talent in your organization. But going hybrid involves a bit of a learning curve.

A hybrid workplace will mean having to unlearn old habits and relearn new ones. But before we dive into it, what is a hybrid workplace?

A hybrid workplace can be defined as a flexible workplace model that supports both an in-person and remote employee workforce.

Relearning how to adapt to the New World of Work can be a struggle. So here are some tips on how you can optimize your hybrid workplace:

1. Relearn How To Form Connections with People and Build Strong Rapport.
Not seeing people face-to-face all the time can lead to poor communication and low team morale. Try to schedule video calls rather than just emailing, and hold informal calls to get to know your team over coffee to create stronger communication.

2. Relearn How To Relearn, Find New and Inventive Ways of Relearning.
Take advantage of eLearning opportunities. There are so many interesting courses available online, so make the most of your hybrid situation. Learn from people around you. Ask questions and hold open forums for discussion so that you can pass around shared learnings.

3. Realize Goals Are Met Differently In A Hybrid Workplace.
In a hybrid workplace, you won’t be always able to see your team putting in their hours of work. Let people take accountability for their own work and trust their capabilities.

Quality of work is more important than the number of hours spent working. While there are plenty of other ways you can relearn in the New World of Work, applying the tips you’ve learned about today will help you get started in your hybrid workplace.

What’s your take on this? Are these practices something you’re seeing in your organization?


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