Who We Are

Change has never been as dynamic as it is today, and one of the biggest challenges facing organizations is the increasing need to keep abreast and ahead of the rapid pace of change.

Organizations are constantly being challenged to stay on top of changes in technology, customer & stakeholder expectations, regulatory controls, and the socio-political environment.

"Change or Die" has become the corporate reality.

Our mission is to accelerate the preparation of leaders, change agents, professionals, and organizations to respond dynamically to the rapid pace of Change and Innovation taking place around us.




What We Do

The purpose of The Change Leadership conferences and events is to foster a culture of change leaders that respond better and faster to the uncertainties stemming from disruption, innovation and technology in today's rapidly changing world.

We envision a shift in paradigm where a new type of leadership mindset thrives. One in which organizations have the agility and skills to stay abreast of emergent innovation and disruptive change, while at the same time achieving both their ROI goals, and fulfilling responsibilities to employees, customers and communities.

11:1 Change Strategy Session
1:1 session is aimed at providing you with the required guidance and tools to help you meet an immediate need, overcome a barrier or move forward in achieving your desired results and outcomes.

2Change Workshops & Training
Change Management and Leadership training and knowledge development that is designed to ensure participants gain valuable skills to bring about the desired change results and outcomes, overcome barriers to change, and help them raise their level of influence leading to increased organizational performance.

3Change Advisory & Consultation

Our Change Leadership and Management Consulting Services provide you with our well-honed expertise to help you increase adoption and drive demonstrable results on your change initiatives and projects.


Why We Care?

Having worked with many organizations over the years to lead and drive change, our founder, Yvonne Akpoveta, discovered that the success or failure of change initiatives often came down to the presence or lack of ‘Change Leadership’ as a core competence.

Yvonne also saw first-hand that the impact of failed change initiatives affected not only the organizations in question, but also their surrounding communities through loss of jobs, financial support, and an economic downturn.

The Change Leadership aims to reduce the potentially devastating social and economic fall-out of failed corporate and organizational change by equipping and preparing stronger and more effective change leaders.

We want participants to leave our events inspired and empowered to lead and drive change successfully, both for the good of their organizations and for the community at large.



Yvonne Ruke Akpoveta

Founder and CEO

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Daria Tippin


Donna Hales

Tobi Shobukola


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