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Training, Retraining and Upskilling for the 4th Industrial Revolution

Training, Retraining and Upskilling for the 4th Industrial Revolution

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Trending last week and this week in Canada as Finance Minister, Bill Morneau unveils the federal budget is Skills Development. A topic being discussed many, and some organizations are taking action on as we move into the new digital era of Big Data, Automation, Artificial Intelligence, and the 4th Industrial Revolution.

The need for skilled jobs around AI and Automation is increasing, and the demand for less skilled and repetitive jobs are dropping. As the workplace changes, “We’re going to have an increasingly large challenge to retrain or upskill existing workers in our workforce,” says Sean Mullin, executive director of the Brookfield Institute at Ryerson University in Toronto.

As automation and artificial intelligence begins to change the workplace, Linda Hasenfratz, CEO of Ontario-based auto parts giant Linamar Corp shares they are beginning to see fewer unskilled jobs and a need for moreskills, moretraining and the ability to manage morecomplex tasks. “It’s getting hard to fill any position at the moment”, says Hasenfratz.

As we also witness the rise of the technological revolution driven by artificial intelligence, automation, next-generation data analytics, 5G connectivity and the Internet of Things, it is expected that this global revolution will re-engineer the work force and redefine core industries according to Armughan Ahmad, one of our speakers at the Change Leadership Conference on May 8th. Read his recent article in The Globe and Mail on The essentials for Canada’s digital economy

Also trending last week, Microsoft just created a free AI Business School to share insights and practical guidance from top executives on how you can strategically apply AI in your organization.

It includes courses on learning more about  AI strategy, culture, responsibility and technology. Click here for more info on Microsoft’s AI Business School.

As the future of work changes, some skills will become redundant and there will be new skills as well, how are you preparing?