The Increasing and Changing Role of Change Managers

The Increasing and Changing Role of Change Managers

Are you seeing an increased demand for Change Management expertise? Are more organizations realizing the need for Change Managers & Practitioners?

In today’s One Minute Change Leadership Insight on what’s new and what’s changing, we’re looking at the increasing demand and changing role of Change Managers.

Last year (2021), we saw an upward trend in the demand for Change Management roles. Between April and December 2021, there was an uptick of 59% in Canada and 75% in the USA in LinkedIn job postings alone. Perhaps one clear indicator the need for change management is greater than ever?

Organizations are now facing an unprecedented speed and wave of change, plus increased global competition, corporate social accountability, and pressure to deliver on results. Change can come small or big, sometimes simple, dynamic or complex, but constant and faster than ever before.

From adopting hybrid work models to DEI, Sustainability, and Technological Disruptions. Let’s not forget all of the other changes brought on by the pandemic and political upheaval. 
As the pace of change increases, organizations are becoming more aware of the need to be agile, responsive, and to prevent failed initiatives. And are therefore willing to invest the time and resources in the delivery of their change initiatives…

Driving the demand for change management roles.

Change Practitioners and Change Management Offices are becoming embedded in the fabric of organizations rather than something that is ‘nice to have’. One trend that is also an offshoot of this, is that organizations are hiring more full-time roles than consultant roles, and sometimes a combination, as they realize the long term value of change management.

The ability to lead change is also no longer reserved for dedicated change managers or the management team. The ability and skills to lead change, regardless of your official role or title, is fast becoming a required competency in the new world of work we now face.

Not only is the demand increasing, the role of change managers or practitioners is also changing. The practice of change management is now shifting to a more human-centric approach vs. a heavy focus on methodology. Plus the requirement for an increased range of skills beyond being change management certified, and sometimes having to wear many hats… from Change Expert to Coach, Facilitator, Integrator, Enabler or Advisor.

All in all, I see good changes happening.

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