Data-Driven Change Management

Here’s your One Minute Change Leadership Insight on what’s new, what’s changing. We explore how leveraging data can help you increase your success in leading and managing change.

You’ve most likely heard “data is gold”. It is all also said that data is the future. Business leaders leverage the power of data for operations, marketing, IT and much more.

You’ve probably also come across the highly debated stat that “70% of change initiatives fail”? However, what if along with a data-driven approach you could increase the success rate of your change initiatives?

In this discussion from Visual Workforce, here are a few ways you can leverage data in leading change:

1. Baseline and define the change roadmap
Take a “baseline” of your organization and stakeholder’s current capabilities to quantify the current state, this will build the foundation for your change. Having a clear picture of where you are presently helps you quantify how much effort will be required to get to where you need to be.

2. Create a culture of trust and learning
Having data to back you up can help build credibility and internal support. Data can also help eliminate the feeling of fear, and drive a desire and learning culture to support the change. As a Change Leader, you can use data to persuade your stakeholders, and to make decisions as you roll out your change.

3. Measure progress and build support
Data enables you to quantify progress and quickly make credible changes to your change. This can also help you be more agile and responsive in your change management process or approach to garner support towards the end goal.

4. Identify and develop key skills essential for change
Collecting real-time skills data can help you identify skill gaps, and proactively develop the right strategies, training programs, and provide resources to combat potential roadblocks. Having insights based on data can help you improve team performance and change adoption.

5. Build resilience instead of just reducing resistance.
Backed by data i.e. from a change impact assessment, you can prevent potential resistance to change, and instead provide people with the tools to support and create change; thus, building the organization’s resilience to change.

As organizations adapt to digitalization and the future, this also comes with the need for data and the ability to track data that empowers and supports the right type of change.
Organizations are notably adapting to change. This means that almost if not all managers, employees, stakeholders are involved in change at some point.

This is why change leadership skills are fast becoming an indispensable competency for organizations. You can now learn practical change leadership skills, tool and methods that you can put into practice immediately to successfully lead and manage change and to accelerate your career progression.

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