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“What’s So Special Now?” – Change, Leadership, AI and Robotics!

“What’s So Special Now?” – Change, Leadership, AI and Robotics!

We recently had to respond to the question below in relation to our forthcoming conference on “Leading Change in the Face of AI and Robotics”, and we would like to share our response with you as well.

Question asked

“All times have constant disruptive change, uncertainty, complexity and upcoming technologies. What is so special now?”

This was our response …

Disruption is not new. What is different this time around is first and foremost the speed at which change is happening. And unlike others, this change is occurring simultaneously in all regions of the globe, greatly aided by the presence of the Internet. What was true a month ago may no longer be the same as a result of the continuously learning nature of Artificial Intelligence.

Secondly, this next wave of disruption is being characterized as an industrial revolution, which by definition results in significant economic and social change. Similar to each prior industrial revolution that came with changes to the way we worked, as well as came the death of many industries and organizations that were unable to respond to the change fast enough.

This 4th Industrial Revolution is marked by emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, robotics, block chain and more, which are already permeating the fabric of our everyday lives. The revolution is taking place now.

Organizations who choose to remain status quo or ‘take their time’ may very well have unintentionally made the choice to go out of business sooner or later, similar to other industrial revolutions where organizations that believed they were immune to change or were slow to change collapsed. Work is no longer be business as usual.

Additionally, while certain business, operations and leadership principles may remain, practices will need to evolve as result of this wave of emerging technologies.

These required changes also apply to the practice of leading change, and the significant impact to people and the workplace i.e. roles are changing, some are disappearing, and new roles are emerging; we now have robots that will require integration into the workplace; the question of ethics introduces another dimension, which is another kettle of fish; and these changes are happening quicker than we can imagine. Also, let’s not forget to layer on the rapidly changing expectations of both customers and employees.

All in all, the pace at which change is taking place is faster and broader than ever before.

This is only part of “what is so special”, and the above is just a snippet of what drives us.

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N/B The above version was slightly edited from the original response to the question for grammar and clarity